SW Strategic Group offers consulting and coaching to organizations, teams, and leaders. Whether you are creating your first fundraising event, looking to take the next big step in your organization’s growth, or on the hunt for a thought partner to take your leadership to the next level, the SWSG team has the expertise to help you achieve your goals strategically and sustainably. SWSG is available for both in-person and remote coaching. Weekly, bimonthly, or even quarterly coaching sessions can be key to keeping plans on track.

The ideal client for all our services are small to mid-sized organizations poised for growth. They are stable, but perhaps struggling - as many organizations do - with questions of long-term stability. They have strong leadership, a compelling mission, and a culture open to change and growth.
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The 4 pillars SWSG stands by are:

1. Investigation and discovery
2. Strategy and program development
3. Implementation
4. Evaluation

We specialize in helping you discover and define your unique story, and together we develop a customized communications plan to help you exceed your goals.
SWSG provides consulting in the following areas:

1. Thought Partnership
2. Event Programming and Production
3. Brand Development and Design
4. Documentary Production
5. Fundraising and Organizational Goals
6. Cultivation Strategies
7. Follow-up Strategies for an Event
8. Newsletter creation

SW Strategic Group was founded on the belief that every organization can benefit from an outsider’s perspective... We have built a team of expert strategists who specialize in coaching and consulting that will guide your organization.
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